What Do His Clients Have To Say?

“As a gym-setting and independent Certified Trainer since 2003, I’ve seen lots of other trainers use kettlebells with their clients… but Neal teaches people how to benefit from kettlebell training for REAL. Commercialized training programs and TV shows don’t depict the proper and best ways to use kettlebells – but Neal does.  When we worked together some years back, Neal, who was the first trainer at our gym to even train clients with kettlebells there (we didn’t have any so he brought his own) – took me through the basic Kettlebell Movements and Turkish getups among other exercises.  I struggled badly at first with an 18lb. kettlebell, but thanks to Neal’s coaching and knowledge, I began to learn how to use my entire body as a powerful unit – strengthening my core and using every muscle in my body.  I realize just how dynamic kettlebells are now thanks to him.  Neal is a competent expert – when he coached me how to benefit from kettlebells the right way, I realized just how unique, challenging, and beneficial this type of training is.  As a competitive boxer and Muay-Thai fighter, I need total body control and cardio.  Since that time I’m honestly stronger – I punch and strike harder, I lift more weight, I work out longer, I’ve put on more muscle and lean mass and I have more power. As a trainer, I use the same techniques I learned from Neal on my clients to this day and they love and benefit from it big time.  As a gym-rat, I’m still reaping the benefits – I now swing 53 pounders with ease… He’s the real deal… certified, strong, knowledgeable and experienced.”


ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

USA Boxing Certified Boxing Instructor

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer

B.S. Nutritional Science

I started training with Neal Valera full time since April of 2008. Before Neal, I had another trainer that only helped me achieve modest results due to his lack of professionalism, short fuse, and inability to keep our appointments. I was a little leery in continuing working out with another full-time trainer from a gym because of my personal experience and the rumors that surround “gym trainers”. Neal was completely the contrary to what I expected.
Now that I was his full-time client, he counseled my calorie intake, cardio when working-out on my own, and easy ways to track my progress. I’ve lost inches, pounds, and am the strongest I’ve ever been in my life.  I love the circuit training we do because it’s something I can continue on my own and even do at home. He always has fresh new ideas and keeps me on my toes.  And course I’ve come a long way on the Kettlebells. He says I can now swing and lift more weight than a lot of his male clients!!
I find that I train harder and more consistent having a personal trainer. Knowing that Neal is waiting for my arrival is that extra incentive I need to help me get out of bed and down to the studio!  And when training, just when I think I have nothing else in me, Neal’s constant support and encouragement helps me complete the workout.  A lot is said about a trainer that can retain 100% of his clientele when transferring from a gym to a private studio.  I haven’t seen any other trainers as motivating as Neal and I always refer him to my family, friends, and work clients as well.  Thank you Neal for helping me achieve the goals that I couldn’t have done alone!

-Kristen N.

I’ve been training with Neal Valera since January 2008. When seeking out a trainer I  was looking for something very specific. I wanted a trainer who could offer unconventional practices of training. I was tired of using all of those robotic machines and feeling bored when I worked out. I wanted to actually enjoy burning all those calories! We spend a good amount of time working out each week and it shouldn’t be something we dread doing. Neal was able to make that happen for me. We spoke on the phone before meeting and I told him what I wanted out of training. I wanted someone who could deliver results, use innovation and creativity when training and provide a conducive and fun trainer/trainee relationship. Neal goes above and beyond what I have asked for. I also needed a little something extra from a trainer, and that was patience and understanding. I come from a long painful history of eating disorders and had never lost weight the proper way. I needed a trainer who was willing to work with someone stuck in a rut and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Neal was able to teach this new healthy lifestyle in conjunction with my nutrition training I am receiving through counseling.Prior to training with Neal I had only one other personal training experience – and it was not a good one. I worked with a female trainer at a different facility who was more interested in socializing with other trainers, than paying attention to her own clients. I was paying all this money and getting no attention, let alone results. So needless today I was skeptical about taking on another trainer. But Neal has proved me wrong. I took a chance on him, as he took one on me. As I mentioned before, this training was unconventional and new for me. I was used to just doing cardio all the time, for very long periods of time. But with Neal we use the fitness ball, Kettlebell’s and boxing equip. Therefore, the changes that happened to my body were not changes I was familiar with. I used to only believe in the scale (as most people with eating disorders do). But this time I used other indicators, such as energy level, the way my clothes fit, how my muscles looked and how I felt all around. I just looked different! The scale cannot reveal all the results. And I had never felt strong like this! I’ve learned that the number going down doesn’t indicate that a person is fit and in shape. I wanted my number down, jeans size down and the feeling of strength…Neal made all those things happen. In addition I have learned new fitness techniques – I can swing a Kettlebell like nobody’s business now! In addition to this becoming my workout, it has also become a hobby and something I truly enjoy. I’ve done a total 180, thanks to Neal!
Most importantly, Neal is a dynamic trainer whose innovation and creativity proves to benefit all his clients. He is constantly encouraging me when I swear that I cannot do anymore. He supports me and makes me feel like a champ each time we train. I am lucky to call him my trainer, and would whole-heartedly recommend him to my friends and family – as I already have! I am thankful that he has been able to be such a positive influence in my life and my health. Thank You Neal!!!

Stephania P.

Hello, my name is Ali Smith and I am writing this letter in regards to my experience personal training with Neal Valera. I must start off this letter by stating that Neal is a miracle worker!!! I started training with Neal in February, 2008 through June, 2008.  He was recommended to me by my former trainer.  In the four months I worked with Neal I was able to not only lose those last 15 pounds for the most important day of my life; my wedding, I was also able to trim inches from my waist, legs and arms in a very healthy way!
Throughout my training sessions with Neal and beyond those sessions Neal has been a wealth of information. He definitely knows his stuff. Through working with him I have learned not only the best exercises to meet my goals but also which foods to eat, how much, and when the best time of the day is to consume these foods. I know he is an expert in his field because I am now able to understand the importance of everything he taught me and continue to apply it to my daily life. He has taught me how to be a life-long learner and as a middle school teacher I know the value in being able to apply to other aspects of my life what I’ve learned from Neal.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call me.

Ali Smith (831)345-7117

“I trained with Neal for six months and I highly recommend him to any one who wants a customized workout, specific to your own needs and goals. The first time I met Neal, we sat down and discussed what I wanted to achieve. We also discussed my diet and exercise habits. He quickly put together a training program that emphasized core strength and flexibility.  He also demystified a lot of the gym equipment that I traditionally thought was for more serious bodybuilders.  Within a very short amount of time I cut my BODY FAT % almost in HALF! Neal is very personable, fun to train with and extremely motivating. You won’t be disappointed!”


Senior Manager

Price Waterhouse Coopers