What Services Do You Provide?

Fitness Consultation (Free!)
The purpose of the fitness consultation is to architect a plan based on your goals and current physical condition.  We will figure out the most simple and effective way for you to reach your goal.  Consultations are approximately 20-30 minutes long. (A phone consultation along with a video assessment may be necessary for anyone doing the Online Fitness Programming.)

1-on-1 Private Training
To get the most out of your training and achieve the best results, 1-on-1 personal training is the way to go.  Neal will be able to give you his undivided attention and keep things challenging, fun, and safe! Personal Training sessions are approximately 55 minutes long.

Semi-Private  Training
Some people love to have a workout partner because it makes you more motivated, comfortable, or competitive.  This program will allow you to work out with your friend, husband/wife, or teammate, while training with Neal.  Semi-Private Training is also a good way to save money, your training rates are essentially cut in half!

Online Fitness Programming
If you do not live in the San Jose/Campbell, CA area, or cannot come in on a regular basis, don’t worry!  With our online fitness programming system Neal will be able to design programs for you that will be accessible online!

Complimentary Services*

*Nutritional Counseling
Whatever you goal may be, putting the proper nutrients inside your body, is just as important as the training.  Like the saying goes “you are what you eat”.  If you are not fueled properly, you will not be able to get the most out of your body and it will not perform or look the way you want it to.  All of my clients will receive customized nutrition plans in order to meet his/her goal.  We will figure out the correct ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat your body needs.  If necessary, I will accompany you to the grocery store to show and educate you on acceptable foods.

*Online Progress Reports and Workout Logs
All clients will have an online record of all workouts and monthly progress report.  Progress reports will include pictures, measurements and weigh-ins.  You will be able to access this information on your own unique link at anytime to look back on what you did in your workout or to see how much your performance has improved.  This will give you instant feedback on your results.